Grizzly Guardian Camping Kettle Review

What we tested

Grizzly Guardian 1.5L Camping Kettle £29.99
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What did we think?

There are two things that we noticed immediately about this kettle, the fact that it’s very light despite having a respectable 1.5l capacity and the design of it’s base. At 308g the kettle is extremely light, making it suitable for carrying on group hikes and expeditions. Great for when you don’t want to be restricted by the capacity of a smaller kettle.

Grizzly Guardian Camping Kettle Review

The funky design of the base makes the kettle more efficient at boiling, claiming to heat water more than 30% quicker than a standard kettle. Honestly we didn’t notice a massive difference in the time it took to boil the kettle using the briefcase style gas cooker we normally use for camping, but the base looks like it’s designed to work optimally with an ultralight canister style burner.

Grizzly Guardian Camping Kettle Review

We loved the quality of the kettle which has a lovely anodised aluminum body which feels robust and like it would last throughout  a lifetime of camping trips – it feels like a true ‘buy well, buy once’ purchase to us. As tea drinkers, we were delighted to find that it came with a little tea infuser, perfect for enjoying loose leaf tea when camping.


Grizzly Guardian Camping Kettle Review

Kettle spouts, despite having one clear and simple job, can often fail to fulfil their purpose, but the adorably cute little spout on the Grizzly Guardian kettle provided high precision pouring and worked perfectly.

Grizzly Guardian Camping Kettle Review

The handles on both the lid and the kettle are rubberised, providing good grip and they can be bent 90 degrees to sit flush, helping to save space during transit.

We thought this was a lovely bit of camping kit, were impressed by the quality and loved the attention to detail with the inclusion of the tea diffuser and carry bag.

Product highlights

  • Excellent quality
  • Compact and comes with a handy carry bag
  • High precision spout
  • Includes a tea infuser for loose leaf tea

Grizzly Guardian Camping Kettle Review

Thank you to Grizzly Guardian for supplying the featured product for us to review.



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