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Campaign has commenced, we are live on Kickstarter, please check out our appeal below and give us your comments, if you are feeling kind how about a cheeky click on our campaign and a donation?!...


We are Grizzly Guardian, a two man (Ryan and Ash) small business looking to try and make a difference with our sustainable products, hard work ethic and kind kindred souls. We started our business just under two years ago investing all our hard earned pennies from being teachers into manufacturing 500 prototypes of two products to test our chosen market, understand our typical customer profile and generate social proof of our concept. 

First boxed GG products with their proud owners (Ash and Ryan) 
First boxed GG products with their proud owners (Ash and Ryan)

We have had no financial backing, outside investment or monetary help. We have generated a significant buzz with our products, gaining hundreds of happy customers, an Amazon Choice Product badge and some excellent feedback, giving us confidence in our plight. Check out a few happy customers below who range from vets to thrill-seekers and everything in between:





From video editing, website designing to marketing and promoting we have worked tirelessly to develop our brand and bottle; we are not simply trying to sell a product to people, we are trying to sell a new way of thinking and an alternative belief mechanism in hope to reduce one of today's biggest environmental concerns.

Through the funding we hope to achieve with this campaign, we aim to continue the manufacture and promotion of our alternative to plastic bottles. Our lifelong guaranteed flask that can act as an thermally efficient container, a sports bottle and a camping flask all in one design which can be reused over and over again; thus reducing the use of plastic bottles which are so widely accepted as the single most contributor to pollution in our seas.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capital to re-order and appropriately market our bottle, as the original prototypes were a non-profit exploration. Our original launch was extremely successful, however, a nonviable continuation without financial backing from hopefully some like-minded people who want an excellent product, that will stand the test of time and speak volumes about a more sustainable future.

Our Partners


We are very proud to be partnered with Trees for Cities, a sustainability organisation responsible for planting almost 1000,000 trees worldwide. Every bottle we sell makes a donation to their cause. 

Making a sustainable product is not just about the product itself but what the purchasing of it says about our brand and this is why this partnership is so important to us.

Check out this video from one of their recent events...

The Grizzly Guardian Thermal Bottle

Our flask is not only guaranteed for life but it also has amazing thermal qualities, thanks to the double walled design and vacuum function. It has been tried and tested in the freezing temperatures of the French Alps, the dizzy heights of Machu Picchu and the boggy marshes of the Brecon Beacons.



The stainless steel is of an extremely high grade (18/8) which stands the test of time and in sanitary terms is a much better option than plastic. It is double walled and vacuum insulated which gives it excellent thermal efficient qualities and allows it to be filled with soup and stored next to your favourite chocolate bar without melting it.



"I brought this product on the of chance. I was looking for a good quality re-usable flask and it's as good as it says it is. I got it just in time for the cold snap we've just had and thought i would put it to the test. I took it out with me the other day filled with tea and was out for a good 4 maybe 5 hours with the wife being big kids sledging. Throughout that whole time in the cold weather this flask kept our tea nice and hot which kept us warm and keep being big kids...I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS FLASK/SPORTS BOTTLE TO TRY FOR YOURSELF!" Adam, Northampton 

"Amazing bottle. It kept a drink cold all day despite it being the hottest day of the year." Anna W, Bolton 

"Very happy for the quality of this product, it comes with a sports cap which is handy for use in the gym. This is the second product I have brought from grizzly guardian and both times I have been very happy." Yazmin, Poland 

Why buy our bottle?  

Our bottle is a premium branded product that has a lifetime guarantee; robust, reliable, responsibly sourced materials and produced with consideration to reduce overall environmental impact. The consumer will be making a smart, guilt free product purchase.


Recycling of such plastics is being pushed by governments and environment regulatory bodies around the world with some making statements that there could be official laws/acts passed to respond to the problem. People often talk about recycling being a move forward and while we acknowledge it's importance we feel the most effective steps are surely to stop using it in the first place.


Even if you don't use single use plastics and you own a reusable sports bottle like below, the bacteria and germs they harvest alone is astounding and reason enough to make the swap to a bacteria free, high grade, stainless steel bottle like ours. 


We feel if enough people take a small step (like making a transition from plastic to our bottle), it will have a positive impact on the world we live in. This encourages ethical product purchasing to move towards a more sustainable future.


Did you know countries like New Zealand, Jamaica and Thailand are banning the importation of certain single use plastics?

Through your funding we will have a chance to evoke a differing thought process in peoples buying habits of liquid storage units. In return for your contribution you will receive outstanding branded products that we have put our heart and soul into designing, implementing and marketing. 

Thank you for taking time to read our story and we look forward to your custom, click on the link below to help us reach our funding goal...


Help support Grizzly Guardian and save plastic pollution


Lots of warm, furry Grizzly love,



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